Brand Activism … Big Opportunity for Non-Profits

Well here it comes brand activism the breakthrough concept in marketing management.  This is clearly going to be a big opportunity for nonprofits and governments with major causes who are looking to partner with the private sector.

Historically, most brands have been marketed on their performance characteristics. “Our toothpaste is better than yours.” We’re better at “whitening teeth,” “preventing cavities,” or giving you “fresh breath.” Positioning is the name of the game in brand marketing.

But positioning is no longer enough in […]


Happy 150th birthday Canada! Let’s Celebrate!

July 1 is Canada’s 150th anniversary. For those readers of my blog who are not from Canada, the historical moment we commemorate is Confederation when a number of politicians in 1867 signed a document that bound a loose collection of provinces controlled by the British Empire into a somewhat vague and discontented unity.

Confederation was an attempt at compromise between peoples within a unified political framework. It doesn’t seem ideal, as an origin but Canada managed to reach proper […]


Should Government be run like a Business?


As I pointed out in my post a few years ago, one of the big questions discussed in the public-sector, is should government be run like a business? In addition, we have seen many examples of business people running for office suggesting that they can improve government by running it like a business.

For example, Donald Trump, a billionaire business tycoon is now the CEO of the United States of America. He has said his country should “run like […]


Is Government Failing in a Digital World

In a recent article, Gerry McGovern a well-known digital blogger states that Government, like all organizations, claims to exist to serve citizens but in reality, is usually more interested in serving itself. Digital is increasingly exposing government incompetence and how remote from the real life of people so many in government are (particularly at a senior level).

This year, Canada`s Auditor General Michael Ferguson wrote, “we see government programs that are not designed to help those who have to […]