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Hire a “Recent” Business Graduate in 2008

 I recently read an article in Optimum Online– Generation Y Challenges the Public Service by  David Eaves, who is an expert in negotiating and public policy, and works with leading companies across North America, helping them develop and implement strategies for maximizing value from partnerships, alliances with customers and suppliers. In addition, he works with non-profits and government agencies, consulting on various public policy issues.

Eaves’ article, which is taken from a speech he gave to senior executives in the […]


Power to the People and Facebook

I just read a Fascinating article on Face book and its impact on advocacy. First some stats:

Facebook has added 250,000 new users each day. Canadians have led the way, accounting for about eight million of the site’s nearly 60 million global users.

Michael Geist just wrote an article in the Ottawa Citizen on his experience with using Facebook as an advocacy tool and the results are nothing short of remarkable. Here is an except from his article.

“Consider the experience […]


Tension and Competition between Marketing and Communications

From time to time practioners in the field of Marketing and Communications get into a debate about the differences and more importantly which takes prominence in an organization. First in order to clarify things, the term Communications is somewhat of a misnomer. The field of endeavor is actually called Public Relations but during the eighties Public Relations became somewhat pejorative and fell out of favour and public relations organizations especially in government and nonprofit sector started calling what […]


Fishing where the Fish are… Beer Marketers using social media on Campus

Well you knew it had to happen sooner or later , the beer industry which has spent years trying to reach young Canadians and convince them to drink using traditional media is now using social media giant Facebook to market their products.. Molson’s has launched an interactive campaign for its Molson Canadian Cold Shots product, inviting post-secondary students to submit photos demonstrating their school spirit and party prowess to the Molson Canadian Nation group on Facebook. The social media site […]