Molson celebrates moderation

The newest iteration of Molson Canada’s responsible use campaign is a departure from the traditional “Don’t drink and drive” message. A series of posters featuring the tag line “Here’s to responsible choices” has rolled out across the country and is the first phase in the new campaign. “The research showed that ‘Don’t drink and drive’ wasn’t resonating as well as something more positive might,” says Ferg Devins, vice-president government and public affairs for Molson. “The majority of people drink responsibly. We felt it was time to highlight and celebrate those that are making responsible choices.”

The creative, developed by Atlantic Canada’s Bristol Group, focuses on what people have to look forward to the day after the party. One execution shows a father playing with his young child with the copy “Here’s to all the folks who open the curtains on Saturday morning instead of closing them.”

The campaign, which Devins says is worth $1 million, also includes a spot highlighting the brewer’s partnership with 1888TAXIGUY, a nationwide network of taxi companies. In Quebec, there is also creative that centres on the Molson Angels, women who give out taxi vouchers in bars and at Molson-sponsored events.

Print and radio ads will launch later this summer, followed by a university and college back-to-school campaign, scheduled for more than 160 campuses across the country.

Kathleen Martin (Marketing Magazine)


Molson’s and Labatts have been running similar programs for years and it is strictly a PR gesture. They change the message every so often but no big deal. If you note in the small print they spend 1 million dollars on this program while they spend 50 million on life style advertising convincing the same target group that they should be drinking their beer at every activity. So I am not impressed. When they start spending 10 or 15 million I will be more impressed. The reason they run these campaigns is to keep government off their back from regulating their aggressive marketing activities as they can claim that they run a campaign to tell people to PLEASE DRINK responsibly.

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