Alberta is becoming a hotbed for public sector marketing


Looks like Alberta with its oil wealth is now funding public sector campaigns. One is for healthy living and the other for a tourism campaign to visit Fort McMurray of all places.

Here is an interesting approach to a healthy living campaign .


Alberta Gov’t begins a movement

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The Alberta government has launched a $2 million public education campaign that uses black humour to encourage young Albertans to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The multimedia “Create a Movement” campaign from MacLaren McCann West in Calgary uses TV, radio, public transit, print and cinema to target tweens, teens and their parents.

Getting the message out to such a diverse audience was a challenge, says Mike Meadus, creative director at the agency’s Calgary office. “We had to get the attention of our younger audience without seeming preachy. At the same time, we needed to startle parents somewhat to encourage them to rethink their kids’ activity level and also what goes into the shopping cart at the grocery store.”

One 30-second spot aimed at tweens shows a girl running away from a giant French fry, a cookie and other junk foods, before a super reveals that “Teens face 17 ads for processed food every day. That’s over 6,000 ads a year.” The spot ends with the tag line, “Eat smart, move more” and a throw to the campaign website, Another aimed at teenagers depicts a listless boy lying on a couch watching TV and oblivious to an giant soccer ball, hockey stick and other sports equipment repeatedly ringing his doorbell.

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A TV spot aimed at parents shows a doctor warning a patient that her blood pressure and cholesterol are dangerously high. When the camera zooms in, the patient is revealed as a young girl. The spot ends with the line: “Type 2 diabetes, once found only in adults, is now being diagnosed in six-year-olds.” A print ad with the line “You control their future”

shows a quasi-funeral scene with a young man lying inside a couch clutching a remote.

The campaign is part of the Government of Alberta’s larger “Healthy You” strategy to improve the health of Albertans. The “Create a Movement” campaign is co-sponsored by Alberta Sobeys stores and the Edmonton and Calgary Zoos and will run province-wide until early 2008.


Who would have “thunk it’ a tourism campaign for a dreary oil town like Ft McMurray. I guess there is a market for anything. One would think if Newfoundlanders would be visiting their friends and family in Alberta they would find a meeting place in the beautiful rockies, i.e. Jasper, Banff etc.

Fort McMurray Tourism appeals to Newfoundlanders

Fort McMurray Tourism, Travel Alberta North and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo have joined forces to launch a marketing campaign that encourages residents of Newfoundland and Labrador to visit Fort McMurray.

The campaign includes a website, print and radio ads and a contest to win a trip for two to the Alberta town. The print ad depicts a young man posing alone for a team hockey picture, with the tag line, “Missing your friends and family in Fort McMurray?”

The ad alerts viewers to a contest, which can be entered via the website until Dec. 31.

The campaign was inspired by the fact that 35% of Fort McMurray’s population is comprised of transplanted Newfoundlanders, says Craig Redmond, vice-president and creative director for Grey Vancouver, which created the campaign.

“These people have actually brought a lot of their culture to Fort McMurray, but the one thing they say they miss most is their friends and family,” says Redmond. “The idea is to get them to encourage their friends and family to come out and visit them.”

The campaign also includes the sponsorship of a concert series in Fort McMurray by the Newfoundland band Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. Representatives from Fort McMurray Tourism will hand out campaign postcards to concert-goers.

The media executions, which debut this week, will run in both Newfoundland and Labrador and Fort McMurray.

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