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Ten commandments for social marketing…response to the Kicking Bad Habits Study conducted by the King’s Fund

Many years ago when I first got into the social marketing business it became obvious to me that in order to achieve attitude and behaviour change I needed to be strategic. Over many years of working at Health Canada we discovered many innovative ways to achieve success.

We did have some failures but we learned from our mistakes and made sure we did not duplicate them. Once I left Health Canada it became obvious to me that I can use my […]


How not to do marketing … brought to you by the geniuses who run the big 3 American automakers.

So we are going to bail out the 3 big American automakers… eh. Maybe I have been in the marketing business too long but the big 3 are in my view the worst marketers extant.  As a part time professor of marketing I have had the opportunity to study many companies but these 3 corporate welfare bums are a sorry lot.

Lemon-Aid new and used car/truck guides by Phil Edmonston are unlike any other auto books on the market. […]


Obama’s campaign on Tuesday will go down in history as the biggest day ever in the history of marketing

Canadian Prime Minister Steven  Harper in today’s Globe and Mail  calls the win by Barack Obama “a remarkable campaign.”In particular, Mr. Harper spoke of “his admiration for Mr. Obama’s primary race victories and said his people would be studying the win”. He stated that Mr. Obama, in a sense, “came from out of nowhere to beat established political machines.”

Perhaps I can save Mr. Harper and his staff a lot of time . He can simply read this blog to find […]


Solutions Based Marketing and Common Sense Communications

Ok it’s me again the common sense communications consultant who used to be marketing consultant but since many public sector organizations are forbidden to use the M word we will continue to use common sense communications which is code for marketing but don’t tell anyone as  I don’t want my secret  to get out.

Today I want to discuss something I will call solutions based marketing … whoops solution based common sense communications. One of the things I have noticed […]