Social marketing and Social media marketing workshops for the non profit and public sector

The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) will soon be touring Western Canada to deliver its workshops Develop a Social Marketing Plan in ONE DAY! and Develop a Social Media/Web 2.0 Marketing Plan in ONE DAY!

Don’t miss out, spots are filling up fast! Click here to see our complete workshop schedule.

Both of these workshops focus specifically on the unique needs of marketing and communications professionals in the Public and Non-Profit sectors! The new Social Media Marketing/Web 2.0 workshop is a great supplement to our extremely popular  Social Marketing workshop. Anyone wishing to be successful in traditional Social Marketing MUST also know how to leverage the modern digital space effectively. Consider these facts:

· The average Canadian spends over 3 hours online each day

· Over 100 million videos  are watched each day on YouTube

· More than 70% of online Canadians actively use social networks such as Facebook & LinkedIn

· Approximately 150,000 new blogs are created every day

Are your marketing efforts even visible to your target audience? Do you know what the blogosphere is saying about your organization right now? Your brand? Your advertising? Learn how you can participate in social media and leverage it effectively to achieve your marketing goals!

Develop a Social Marketing Plan in ONE DAY!

Facilitator: Jim Mintz, Director, CEPSM

Learn how to:

· Implement a social marketing program on a limited budget;

· Develop a step-by-step structured approach that makes preparing a social marketing plan in one day possible;

· Differentiate social marketing from public education and outreach and other communication strategies;

· Use social marketing to give you a single approach for mobilizing communities, influencing the media, lobbying/advocacy, building strategic alliances with business etc.

NEW! Develop a Social Media/Web 2.0 Marketing Plan in ONE DAY!

Facilitator: Mike Kujawski, Digital Marketing Strategist, CEPSM

Learn how to:

· Properly use and leverage on-line social networks, consumer generated content, blogs, podcasts, wikis, video, RSS feeds and virtual worlds to better deliver your message

· Ensure you are visible to all major search engines through the latest search engine marketing tactics and social media optimization techniques

· Convince senior management to move from a traditional mindset to a web 2.0 mentality

· Properly measure your social media marketing ROI

· Effectively respond to PR/Communications disasters

Why wait? Guarantee yourself a spot today!


· “Great workshop –the step by step approach to social marketing is a great asset!  I will be able to use the information immediately.”

· “This workshop was a uniquely valuable experience and I like the focus on outcomes”.

· “The workshop gives you a systematic, audience-based approach to marketing to stimulate behavior change.”

· “Complex concepts were presented in a clear, simple way–both in writing and speaking. There was a great mix of ideas, story, and application. Jim is a great presenter, but more importantly he is a person with integrity. That came through again and again in class discussions and was very encouraging.”

Take charge right now! Invest in our workshops today and start seeing marketing results!

If you have any questions about our workshops please call  (Mike) at 613.731.9851  ext.12 or 416 934-8552


See our complete workshop schedule.


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