7 actions to improve the marketing of your association


I am often asked by associations what can they do “quickly”  to improve their marketing significantly. Below I have 7 actions that if done will significantly improve the marketing of any association.

None of these actions are very expensive . You will normally find that the most effective things you can do in marketing are usually not expensive but most associations look for grandiose things which fill the pockets of contractors but does very little for the organization.


Here are my 7 actions :

1.Do a survey of your membership. Consider using Survey Monkey which enables you to create professional online surveys quickly and easily yourself: www.surveymonkey.com

2.Identify Your Brand by defining who you are and what you do. Use findings to create a “positioning” statement” that can be stated succinctly and understandable to everyone, followed by a series of supporting statements. www.marketingprofs.com/6/ries1.asp

3.Take a marketing course designed for non-profits and associations such as the Sprott Certificate in Public Sector Marketing www.carleton.ca/ppd/indepth/cpsm.htm

4.Actively search for strategic alliances and partnerships with other organizations, government, media, and business. To learn more go to www.berniecolterman.ca or better still attend a workshop with Bernie given across Canada. http://www.coltermangroup.com/workshops_details.shtml#sponsorship

5.Research and maintain your prospect and client databases. Use them for:

–special mailings;

–follow-up telephone calls;

–event invitations;

–alliance development;

–research profiling; and

–market segmentation.

6.Leverage “Web 2.0“. Use the power of the Internet to hook people together to create content, share expertise, and provide checks and balances through social interaction. Social networks built around a common aim can be very powerful. To learn more about Web 2.0 and social media marketing go to the best blog on social media marketing for public and non profit sectors.  www.mikekujawski.ca

7.Develop an overall integrated strategic plan for all activities involved with “revenue generation” including:


–alternative revenue strategies through sponsorships

–affinity programs, and;

–commercial partnerships.

If you need to learn more about Revenue generation try attending  a workshop with Bernie Colterman  given across Canada. http://www.coltermangroup.com/workshops_details.shtml#sponsorship

For further information see http://www.csae.com/public.asp?WCE=C=47|K=227038

If you have any tips for association marketing let me know and I will include them in future blogs.



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  1. I am part of Marketing Success Institute which has developed, coincidentally, a “7” Pillar marketing strategy that includes many of the same elements that you have published on this blog.

    While all of the things that you have said are extremely important and almost all of it ties into our “7 Pillars of Successful Marketing”, the difference between our two strategies is that our’s can be used in any time type of business of any size. It’s a very simple system that can be implemented at any point in a business.

    To check out a glimpse of the “7 Pillars of Successful Marketing” check out our blog at:


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