Take the Marketing Test! You Know You Are A Marketing Driven Organization When…

Have you mastered the latest marketing tools and techniques to meet the challenges you face?

Have you developed a marketing plan for your organization, your products, your programs, your services?

Are you staying ahead by anticipating the changing landscape and developing the newest marketing strategies to move your organization to the next level?

–Take the Marketing “Vital Signs” test and check your organizations vital signs

Marketing “Vital Signs” Test

You Know You Are A Marketing Driven Organization When…

□ You do not use terms like “general public” when referring to your target audience

□ “Plan” is more than a four letter word

□ All marketing activities are coordinated and integrated into an overall plan

□ You focus on results and NOT process and politics

□ Your organization takes “risks”, although ensuring they are “reasoned risks“

□ You do not keep doing the same things every year i.e. programs, services, products

□ Marketing campaigns consistently meet their goals and objectives.

□ You take action when results are not achieved.

□ You have a clear understanding of the needs of your target group(s)

□ You have a dedicated marketing budget

□ Your organization’s brand has value

□ Reinventing the wheel is not standard operating procedure

□ Your organization is focused on “outcomes” not “outputs”

□ Evidence-based decision making is in your organization’s vocabulary.

□ Strategic Alliances/partnerships are a key component of your marketing activities

□ Your marketing objectives are SMART (Specific Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Limited)

□ Your organization does not use the web as a warehouse to store information

□ You value training in areas like marketing and communications

□ Performance measurement is something that your organization does regularly

□ You are up to date with the latest trends, technologies in the area of marketing and communications

□ Branding is more than a visual identifier

□ You are open to change

□ You see the need to understand your “competition”

□ You use all the elements of the marketing mix (4 p’s) and not just use promotion

□ Your organization believes that the ultimate objective for marketing is not education and creating awareness but behaviour change

If You Scored:

20 – 25 You have the tools, processes and culture in place to be successful and sustainable

15 – 19 You are on the right path, but need to examine those areas where you are weak

10 – 14 You are most likely struggling and need to take a hard look at priorities and processes

6 – 9 You are on the borderline of existence as an organization

This test is the property of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing. For those who require a copy in French please contact: Jim.Mintz@publicsectormarketing.ca

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