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The public sector and non-profit sectors are a significant component of the overall output of society. Marketing is an effective management tool for both public sector and non-profit organizations. It is a discipline aimed at influencing the behaviour of others through the use of a strategic mind set and set of organizational processes, tools and technologies. Although originally derived from business, public sector and non-profit managers also need to use it in order to be successful in their fast growing and increasing competitive sector.

In the past 20 years, four important developments have occurred in this field: first there was the dramatic growth in the use of social marketing, especially in the public health field; second, increasing attention to the international dimensions of non-profit marketing; third, greater involvement of the private sector in the non-profit sector through areas like cause-related marketing, company volunteer programs, and socially responsible employment and investment practices; and finally the emergence of public sector marketing  . e.g. Marketing in the Public Sector: A Roadmap for Improved Performance by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee

The world of public sector and non-profit managers is rapidly changing. Increasing demands are being placed on managers in these sectors to adapt to their new environment. Public sector and non-profit organizations are adopting marketing approaches to help meet the challenges of complex and difficult mandates and satisfying client needs in the face of significantly diminishing resources.

Competition particularly, for sources of revenues, has created a pattern of growing commercialization of non-profit organizations, whereby funds are not only generated from government /foundation grants. In the public sector, managers are frustrated trying to apply marketing ideas developed in business directly to government when they are fully cognizant of the fact that government is not business.

Marketing is proving to be an effective management tool for guiding the evolutionary business processes for both public and non-profit organizations. Over the past few decades the public health sector in particular has been using marketing extensively , especially social marketing .


In the past few years the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing have developed a number of  courses to provide very motivated communicators and marketers in the public and non-profit sectors with the concepts, techniques, case examples and illustrations needed to support and assist them in becoming first-rate public sector/non-profit marketers.

These courses engage participants in a rich learning experience that reinforces theory through practical real life examples. Participants  have the opportunity to work with other marketers from government and the non-profit sector as well as developing a network with other course participants long after the course is completed. Participants work individually and in teams and gain insights from case studies and interactive learning techniques.

The major topics covered include: an overview of public sector and non-profit marketing, strategic elements of an action-oriented marketing plan, exploring effective methods of acquiring and using marketing intelligence, performing thorough environmental analysis an evaluation plan to measure outcomes, developing effective integrated marketing communication strategies, particularly new technologies media, developing a strategic social marketing plan, key components of revenue generation and attraction of volunteers and best practices in developing strategic alliances and partnerships with other sectors.

If you are interested in these courses here is the relevant information:


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Executive Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing Leadership

The Executive Certificate in Public Sector Marketing Leadership is offered as a residential program in picturesque surroundings. This intensive residency program spans six days. It has been specifically designed for public sector and non-profit managers and officers who do not reside in the National Capitol and who are looking for a professional development experience in the field of strategic marketing. Register today!

Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing

This university certificate program covers the fundamentals of public sector and non-profit marketing in a format that appreciates the severe time limitations of today’s professional. The program has been designed to be intensive and rigorous, respecting that your time away from your desk needs to bring concrete results once in practice back at the office. Stimulating formats ensure that you come away with tested techniques and methods that positively enhance your performance on the job. This program provides intensive training for 1 or 2 days, each month, over the course of five months. The certificate will require a commitment of 10 days of classroom training plus additional time to complete the strategic marketing plan. Register today!



The Social Marketing in Public Health Field School is a carefully crafted selection of courses offered in an intensive five-day format. It is organized specifically for motivated students and busy professionals to acquire skills in an intense, exciting and highly interactive format with some of social marketing’s leading professionals and instructors.

Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing: January 10-14 2009.

This course introduces students to concepts, techniques, case examples and illustrations needed to support and assist them in becoming first-rate non-profit and public sector marketers. Class time will be a mixture of lectures, discussions, in-class exercises and presentations, as well as exposure to the real world of non-profit and public sector marketing.

For more info contact:

James. H. Lindenberger, Director

USF Center for Social Marketing at the College of Public Health

13201 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MDC 56
Tampa, Florida 33612-3805

(813) 974-3603

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