Calling all public sector marketers and communicators: Get knowledgeable about web 2.0 or you will become a dinosaur

Just read a terrific report called

Change your world or the world will change you
The future of collaborative government and Web 2.0

by Deloiite

The authors suggest that “in today’s tech-savvy world demands tech-savvy government. Increasingly connected citizens
and stakeholders are asking governments to deliver services more rapidly and efficiently. Yet the public service bureaucracies that form the governmental backbone often take a conservative
approach to adopting the latest Internet-based technologies to accelerate service delivery.”

They point out that “by relying on older, more manual processes, government agencies are unable to share local, national and global resources as effectively as they could. These processes limit what a
government can do, how fast it can do it and how thoroughly.
Although largely out of necessity, this solo model is giving way
to a collaborative one.”
“For the most part, this shift is being driven by drastic changes in the
governmental and societal landscape. In an increasingly globalized
world, policy challenges transcend geopolitical, socio-economic,
cultural and generational boundaries. In doing so, they test
conventional governments as never before. Issues such as
pandemics, aging populations, climate change, rising citizen
expectations and public safety are both global and local in nature.
These types of complex challenges will increasingly test government
interactions in the years to come.

The authors urge Governments to get with the program.

“To respond effectively to this new depth of challenge, governments
must redefine how they make policies, share information, deliver
services and manage operations. These new, networked models
of government1, combined with the emergence of Web 2.0
technologies that facilitate the requisite level of collaboration, will
help governments improve how they work together both globally
and locally to solve complex problems that would otherwise be
impossible to resolve.

Their solutions:

Governments should get started with the following:

• Educate the organization by helping staff at all levels understand
what Web 2.0 applications are and how they can help the
organization meet fast-evolving objectives
• Develop a strategy by establishing clear priorities for online
collaboration that align to organizational objectives
• Initiate a pilot project by identifying a specific opportunity to
drive early success – test the organization’s readiness to embrace
the principles of online collaboration
• Evaluate existing enterprise technologies to determine their
compatibility with the evolving Web 2.0 strategy
• Create policies that maximize the benefits of adopting Web 2.0
within the organization
• Measure the results by establishing key performance indicators
that help measure the strategy’s success
• Embrace a culture of collaboration by continually evolving how
interaction happens with stakeholders inside and outside of

So if you are working in government and are not knowledgeable about web 2.0 get off your butt and get educated quickly. A good start would be to subscribe to my colleagues Mike Kujawski’s blog at or better still register for his workshop. go take his workshop in Toronto at Ryerson University on Halloween, October 31 2008 .

My advice: do not let another year go by where you are not up to speed with web 2.0 or you will “be behind the 8 ball”. Also next year we may have web 3.0 or wait for it web 4.0 and you will be “left behind… not good for your career.

Many marketing students coming out of university are sharpening their 2.0 skills and when they join your organization they will be way ahead of you. Yikes!


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