Recommended Books for Public Sector/Government and Social Marketers


At the Centre we are constantly asked which books to use to improve your knowledge in public sector and social marketing .

There are a lot of good books out there but the two books we at the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing recommend most are authored by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee.


Marketing in the Public Sector: A Roadmap for Improved Performance


Marketing in the Public Sector is a groundbreaking book written for those who work in government or government agency. It offers dozens of marketing success stories from agencies of all types–from around the world–so that you can make a difference in your organization The book discusses how the application of traditional marketing concepts can improve public sector  performance in key areas. Using real world examples from public agencies, the book illustrate how the development of a "marketing mindset" can contribute to meeting your public sector  goals.

Sample topics include communicating effectively with the public, creating a strong brand identity, and evaluating program performance. Every day, professionals in the public sector deliver thousands of programs and services in increasingly demanding environments. As someone who has over 30 years of public sector marketing experience I can strongly recommend this book.  It is a ‘must read’ and a standard reference for every public servant engaged in public sector marketing and communications. You’ll become familiar with the marketing toolbox and come to understand how these tools can be used to engender citizen support for your public sector operation, increase utilization of your products and services, influence positive public behaviors–even increase revenues and decrease operating costs.

Finally, this book offers no-nonsense roadmaps on how to create a strong brand identity, gather citizen input, and evaluate your efforts. It presents a step-by-step model for developing a marketing plan, pulling the lessons of the entire book together into one, high-impact action plan. This book will help you build a “high-tech, high-touch” public sector operation of the future–and deliver more value for every penny you spend.

Finally the book is reasonably priced for a hard cover book. Go to Amazon and you will find it there


Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good

As a contributor to this book ( see chapter 8) I am very proud to be associated with this edition by Kotler and Lee. The book is a systematic guide for the planning and implementation of programs designed to bring about social change, it  is a valuable resource for any social marketer including novices to the field. It provides a solid foundation of fundamental marketing principles and techniques then expands on them to illustrate principles and techniques specific to practitioners and agencies with missions to enhance public health, prevent injuries, protect the environment, and motivate community involvement. The book features many updated cases and includes current marketing and research highlights with an Increase focus on international cases and examples

Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good is the  definitive textbook on Social Marketing for students majoring in public health, public administration, public affairs, environmental studies, and business, this book also serves as an ongoing reference and resource for practitioners. The book can also be used for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in social marketing, consumer behavior, health communication, social change, and public communication. It highlights successful social change campaigns that have been launched by governments, by a combination of governments and citizens, and by citizens themselves. Its theme is that knowledge, techniques, and technologies now exist to organize and implement effective social change programs in virtually every area of social concern, both locally and nationally.

Finally the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing workbook on social marketing used this book as a major reference for its workbook. So what I suggest you do  is buy our workbook book and use it as a practical resource to actually develop a social marketing work plan. To order my book go to CEPSM social marketing workbook.

To order the Kotler and Lee book on social marketing go to  Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good

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