Welcome to MARCOM 2009 Marketing Solutions for Government and Non-Profit Organizations in a Challenging Marketplace


June 3and 4 2009

Pearson Convention Centre

2638 Steeles Avenue East, Brampton, Ontario (city just outside of Toronto)

Who Attends: Marketing and communications professionals like you, directors, managers, advisors and officers from government, associations and non-profit organizations
responsible for all aspects of strategic marketing planning, marketing communications and program / service delivery.

What you get.

3 Pre-Conference (full day) Workshops
• 15 Concurrent Conference Sessions

• 3 Inspiring and Timely Keynotes
• Daily Peer2Peer Roundtable Sessions
• Trade Show of Marketing Solutions suppliers
• MARCOM ’09 Meetup Cocktail

Two special and important speakers will be appearing.


Yes We Did: Strategic Insights and Social Media from the Campaign that Changed History
Rahaf Harfoush, Social Media Expert; Member of Obama’s New Media Team;
Associate Director of the Global Cooperation Initiative at the World Economic Forum

Rahaf Harfoush provides an insider’s look at Barack Obama’s all-encompassing – and, yes,
historic – social media campaign. In terms of strategy, how do you plan, roll out, and grow a campaign that gets noticed, that goes viral,
that people make their own, but which always comes back, time and again, to your message?


How Can Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Marketing Get the Respect it Deserves?
By Talking Business!
Arlene Dickinson, CEO, Venture Communications Inc. and Judge on CBC’s hit series Dragons’ Den

A powerful business leader, Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications, 20-year marketing veteran, will engage and enlighten MARCOM delegates by
conveying the distinct value that the marketing discipline delivers. She will outline the importance of why you as a marketer must understand and use the same
“business” metrics and language as the rest of the organization to engage management support and funding, especially in bleak economic times, but most
importantly to reap the many benefits of a strategic marketing approach.

The following is info on my participation at this conference :

Here is my workshop on June 2 2009.

How to Create a Customized Social Marketing Action Plan

Jim Mintz, Director, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

Amateur Hour is over! During this tough economic period it is time to get serious about developing social marketing programs that do
not just increase awareness and educate but actually change attitudes and behaviour.
This unique workshop takes you through a proven process for developing and implementing a successful social marketing plan.
The Course Workbook guides you through the process for creating your own Customized Social Marketing Action Plan. This workshop
has been designed not only for marketing and communications professionals who specialize in social marketing, but for anyone involved
in the planning of marketing, outreach and public education strategies aimed at changing attitudes and behaviours.
By attending this workshop, you will save countless hours of planning time and learn proven techniques for launching a successful social
marketing initiative.
You will learn how to:
• Implement a social marketing program on a very limited budget;
• Develop a step-by-step structured approach that makes preparing a social marketing plan a breeze;
• Differentiate social marketing from public education, outreach and other communication strategies;
• Use social marketing to give you a single approach for mobilizing communities, influencing the media, lobbying/advocacy,
building strategic alliances with business.

Here is my session at MARCOM on June 4th.

Join Jim Mintz, Canadian social marketing expert as he moderates two practical case studies moving from campaign research to strategic implementation – everything you need to know.  Joining him will be executive directors Bob Oliver of Pollution Probe and Brian Shifman from the City of North Toronto, Vaughan on the morning of June 4th at MARCOM 2009 –

Jim will also be discussing his TEN Commandments of social marketing

Going Green: From Research to Program Implementation
jim-mintz Moderator: Jim Mintz, Director, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

bob_oliver_headshot Case Study 1: Aggressive Listening: The Key to Successful Social Marketing
Bob Oliver, Executive Director, Pollution Probe

Pollution Probe with its partners conducted primary and secondary research on the barriers and opportunities that exist to promoting the purchase of highly fuel efficient vehicles. The target group for the research were members of CAA-South Central Ontario.

The objectives of the research were to determine the decision making process when purchasing a new vehicle; determine what barriers or benefits consumers experience when purchasing a highly fuel-efficient vehicle and determine which barriers or opportunities would be the most effective to target through a social marketing program. The presentation will discuss the results of the research and its implications for community based social marketing to tackle environment issues in the transportation sector.

brianshifman-headshot Case Study 2: From Professional to Personal: Social Marketing’s Intrinsic Value
Brian Shifman, Executive Director, North Toronto, Vaughan

Strategic social marketing has helped Smart Commute – North Toronto, Vaughan (NTV) continually grow its business while staying true to its core grassroots values. Learn how this membership driven, non-profit organization has been successful in reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2007-08, Smart Commute NTV was able to reduce more than 14 million vehicle kilometres travelled, the equivalent of nearly 1,300 round-trips between Vancouver and Halifax, and all on a fixed budget. Smart Commute has expanded into a provincially supported, award winning showcase program and continues to collaborate with government, private business, and community groups to tackle top environmental and social issues. Brian Shifman, Executive Director of Smart Commute NTV, discusses the achievements, challenges, and future direction of a small organization with a very large reach.

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