Web 2.0 revolution is turning public sector marketing landscape upside down

We now live in an era where the communications and marketing landscape has been completely turned upside down in both the public, non profit and private sectors. Organizations  do not have  full control of their messages/brands. The whole Web 2.0 revolution has resulted in the democratization of the web. More important it has changed marketing and communication in ways that in my  wildest imagination I never dreamed could happen .

Its impact is enormous and will have major impact on how we do our marketing and communications work in the next few decades. The major difference with social media is it’s about engagement and dialogue as opposed to one-way communication. The technological barriers that have restricted the “one-to-many” model of communication are no longer present. Now anyone can start a blog (yes that includes me) , post a video, write a review,  join a social network, start a podcast (in seconds), and have their content viewed or heard by millions at virtually no cost. Yes I said no cost.

The next generation of marketing and communications  will not require major advertising and marketing budgets but learning how to use the new social media marketing technologies that are available.  There are over 200,000 new blogs started every day. Bloggers update their blogs regularly to the tune of over 1.6 million posts per day, or over 18 updates a second. Facebook has surpassed 200 million users! Twitter, a public short messaging platform, is used by 14 million people at any given time… that’s communication power. Would you believe that there are more podcasts than there are radio stations in the world! The topics cover every niche imaginable. Niche marketing has been given a new meaning and we are only at the beginning of this marketing communication revolution.

The questions organizations should be asking themselves (and know the answers to) are: “What are people saying about us/our services?” and “How can we get engaged to make a favourable impact in this rapidly evolving world of social media, before our existing communications become largely ineffective?”

Consider these stats: in the month of March, 2009, Canadians alone performed over 31 Billion searches on Google. According to Comscore, Canadians show highest usage of social networking sites. Online video popularity has grown 30% over the course of the last year and YouTube alone has over 336 million daily users.

It is predicted that more than 70% of Canadians will have mobile phones with Internet Access by the end of 2009. Most youth 18-24 already do. This will give marketers an incredible opportunity to develop customized applications geared at the popular open platforms developed by Blackberry , Apple, and now Google. With the advent of Web 2.0, there has been a birth in something called the “Social Media Press Release” geared at influential bloggers that have the ability to reach the people that you want to target. These bloggers can be easily identified through “Social Media Monitoring” techniques. Essentially this is a Press Release stripped of any bias and packed with rich media (videos, pictures, audio, quotes, etc…). It is targeted at social media influencers (mainly bloggers) and has proven to be a highly successful way of reaching target audiences using the “conversational” as opposed to “communication” approach. This press release can be posted as a link on your website or sent directly to bloggers with whom you have an established relationship already. For more information on social media releases go to the Canada News Wire site.

Feeling intimated , why not consider some training in social media marketing or in public sector marketing

Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing announces new workshops and courses.

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