CEPSM offers 3-Step Social Marketing Consultation for under $5,000.

During these tough economic times for public and non profit sector organizations  the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) has decided to offer a special consulting opportunity for those who require social marketing expertise but  can not afford the prices of high priced consultants. We do this because our Centre is committed  “To advance the marketing discipline in the public sector”.

We are offering our 3-Step Social Marketing Consultation for under $5,000.

We are  now offering  both nonprofit and government organizations an easy and affordable way to acquire expertise from senior marketing strategists to help develop a successful social marketing strategy. The entire process can be completed in less than 3 days!

How does the 3-Step Social Marketing Consultation work?

1. Orientation

First, we familiarize ourselves with your organization, objectives, issues, target audience (s), marketing communications activities, existing research and other information that helps us understand your environment.

2. Strategy Development

Once the initial orientation has been completed, experts from the CEPSM will conduct a strategy session with the team responsible for developing and implementing the marketing initiative. CEPSM facilitates the planning session with the support of its exclusive strategic social marketing workbook used to speed up the process.

3. Fine-tuning

At the end of the facilitated session the organization will have formulated a framework for a social marketing plan from which details such as specific time lines and costs can be completed at a later date. Following the session, our consultants will work with the project leader to fine-tune the plan. In addition CEPSM experts are available via e-mail or telephone to discuss any questions.

Why should you consider a consultant to assist you in preparing a plan?

You will receive help with the complex planning work

The problem facing most public sector and non-profit project managers in trying to develop a social marketing plan is that there is a lot of information that needs to be absorbed and analyzed. We will help you select the pertinent information required for the plan.

Your strategy will be ready by the set deadline

Many times, managers are under pressure to have the plan “done yesterday”. Hiring an outside expert will keep your efforts focused on completing the plan by the specified date.

Your strategy will be developed using a proven planning process

Often members of the team that are developing the plan (i.e. communications managers, marketing managers, program managers and marketing suppliers) have different ideas about what should be done and have a tendency to focus on tactics before the research and analysis has been completed. The facilitated session takes you through a proven planning process to ensure you come out with a strategic, cross-functional, integrated social marketing plan.


We are affordable

We have a great deal of experience developing many plans on numerous issues and topics, the learning curve on our part is minimal, which means that you don’t need to pay for “ramp-up” expenses. At the end of this process, you will have a strategic social marketing plan from which you can start implementation.

Our process is a proven winner

The process we use to develop the social marketing plan has been used to launch many successful campaigns and we continually refine our approach to achieve more efficient results.

Our process includes a comprehensive workbook

Our social marketing workbook provides a step-by-step structured approach which speeds up the entire planning process and provides a documented structure for you to refer to throughout the planning and implementation process.

What types of issues do we address in the Planning Session?

• What does the primary or secondary research tell us?

• What is the focus and purpose of the campaign?

• What are the best practices and lessons learned?

• What are the social norms?

• What is the best way to segment the market?

• What are the target audience barriers for adopting the desired behaviour?

• Would upstream efforts be appropriate for this campaign?

• What are the measurable knowledge, belief and behaviour objectives?

• What is the overall positioning and message?

• What are the 4P’s (product, price, place, promotion)?

• What strategies and tactics will we use to deliver the campaign?

• Who should we develop strategic alliances with?

• How will we measure the actual outcomes of the campaign?

Where would the planning session be held?

The Planning Session is usually held at a mutually convenient time at your place of business; however if you do not have access to facilities, alternative arrangements can be made.

Who should attend?

The team responsible for the social marketing strategy should participate in the session, including representatives from your communications and research staff or suppliers, (if appropriate). We suggest no more than 10 participants to ensure a productive session.

How long is the strategy session?

Normally the session ranges from 1.5 to 2 days depending on the complexity of the project.

How much does this consultation cost?

A full strategy session (1.5 to 2 days) plus preparation by the CEPSM consultant prior to the session as well as feedback from us after the session costs $4,500 plus GST. Travel and accommodations are extra.

What follow-up services does CEPSM offer?

• We offer a professional coaching service, designed to assist organizations in implementing their social marketing plan. This includes attending meetings, providing on-going advice on any aspect of the plan, reviewing statements of work for suppliers and reviewing strategies, tactics and results.

• We also conduct social marketing workshops . We can conduct in-house training sessions tailored to the specific needs of your organization (e.g. “train the trainer” sessions);

• Follow-up services are very reasonably priced . CEPSM’s experienced consultants have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years by ensuring that strategies and tactics are implemented in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Does CEPSM also provide other consulting services?

Yes, CEPSM provides a full suite of consulting services in the field of public sector and nonprofit marketing. Our prices are very reasonable. Please visit www.publicsectormarketing.ca to find out more.

What are the Next Steps?

Contact us today to learn more about this 3-Step Social Marketing Consultation or any of our other public sector or non-profit marketing services.

Jim Mintz


Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

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E-mail: jim.mintz@publicsectormarketing.ca

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