The Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing 2012

Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing 2012


There is a rising need for highly-skilled marketing professionals in the public and non-profit sectors to effectively bring their organization’s products, services and messages to the marketplace.

In keeping with changing times we have made some alterations to our program. First we reduced it from 10 to 8 days. Second we have expanded our social media segment from 1 to 2 days and third we changed the term project from a full report and study to a 15 minute presentation and executive summary. Also our program will be more interactive, engaging participants to more applied form of learning

The Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing is uniquely designed to equip participants with the information, tools and solutions necessary to skillfully and mindfully navigate their way through the fascinating and complex world of marketing. This program engages participants in a rich learning environment that reinforces theory with practical, real-life examples based upon the extensive experience of the instructors.

Why You Should Attend

•      Develop an action-oriented, strategic marketing plan for your organization

•      Become skilled at setting realistic, practical marketing objectives and goals

•      Learn how to communicate messages effectively to key stakeholders and the public

•      Share experiences with marketers in your sectors and expand your network

Who Should Attend

Managers working for government, crown corporations/agencies, non-profit organization and associations who are responsible for:

  • Marketing programs, products and services targeted to the public, business and government
  • Sponsorship and partnership development
  • Membership development and revenue generation
  • Exhibit and event marketing
  • Social marketing, community outreach and public education programs
  • Strategic communications, media relations and media advocacy
  • Online and web marketing, social media and digital marketing


$3,995 + HST

Deposit of $800 required to reserve a place in the program.

Course fee include:

  • Refreshments
  • Breakfasts & Lunches
  • All text books and course materials
  • Framed certificate of completion from the Sprott School of Business

Course Modules

Module 1: Fundamentals of Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing

  • An overview of marketing in the public and non-profit sectors.
  • Understand how marketing differs in the private, public and non-profit sectors.
  • The processes to develop and implement an action-oriented, strategic marketing plan.
  • How to develop a client-based mindset in a public sector and non-profit organization
    • Review the format and guidelines for developing a marketing plan for your organization

(See Module 7, Course Project Components, below)

Module 2: Marketing Research and Evaluation

  • Understand how to use market research to support decision-making framework.
  • Key concepts in consumer behaviour.
  • The most effective methods for acquiring and using market intelligence.
  • Develop a system for measuring progress and monitoring performance.

Module 3: Creative Marketing Techniques

  • The latest trends in marketing and how the shift from “transactions” to “relationships” is changing the way organizations are communicating with its stakeholders;
  • The role of various marketing mediums and their impact on moving target audiences along the causal chain of changed behaviour;
  • How other public sector organizations are using innovative approaches to reach and engage their constituents;

Module 4: Social Marketing

  • A step-by-step structured approach to preparing a social marketing plan that is actionable and will have maximum impact.
  • Implement a social marketing program on a very limited budget.
  • How social marketing is different from public education, outreach and other communication strategies.
  • How to use social marketing to give you a single approach for mobilizing communities, influencing the media, lobbying/advocacy, building strategic alliances with business.

Module 5: Partnerships, Strategic Alliances and Collaborative Arrangements

  • Knowledge of  process for establishing strategic alliances and partnerships, assessing challenges and risks, prioritizing and selecting partners, developing “value propositions” and proposals to private sector and other organizations, implementation and managing collaborative arrangements.
  • Knowledge of measuring the impact of strategic alliances, e.g. impact indicators that alliances are working, including objective setting, assessment methods, defining and measuring success, establishing baselines and measuring and  assessing value-for-dollar

Module 6: Strategic Social Media Engagement

  • Incorporate automated social media monitoring activities into your daily schedule.
  • Move away from one-way communication and enter the world of two-way conversation.
  • Mitigate risks in both public sector and non-profit organizational environments
  • Measure your return on effort

Module 7: How to Create and Sustain a Marketing Culture / Presentations Day

  • Examples of organizations that have created a marketing culture in the public and nonprofit sectors.
  • Best practices in creating a marketing culture in public and non-profit organization.

Student Presentations

During this session all course participants will present their course project for approximately 15 minutes and submit an executive summary report as a supporting document to the presentation

Course Project Components

1)       Final Presentation: 15 minutes, highlight key elements and  sell your marketing strategy

2)       Executive Summary Report: supporting document for the participant’s presentation

Final Exam – Online (no class attendance)

Professional Certificate in Public Sector & Non-Profit Marketing – Faculty

Jim Mintz (Program Director)
Formerly Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications Division at Health Canada, Jim is the Director of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing. In addition to being the Program Director of the Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing, he also teaches this subject at the University of South Florida, College of Public Health in Tampa. Jim is Past President of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Ottawa Chapter and served at AMA International in Chicago. He is a recipient of the AMA Ottawa “Marketer of the Year” award. Jim has also served on the Federal Government Communications Policy Committee. A frequent speaker at conferences and workshops in North America and around the world, Jim has also published articles on social marketing, public/private strategic alliances and other related topics. Prior to joining the federal government, he held senior marketing positions in the private sector.

Bernie Colterman (Program Director)
Bernie is Co-Founder and Director of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing and President of the Colterman Marketing Group Canada, an Ottawa-based marketing solutions provider whose clients include federal, provincial and municipal governments, national associations and non-profit organizations. Bernie has facilitated numerous marketing campaigns for the government and the non-profit sectors. A master at brokering strategic alliances and partnerships, he has facilitated hundreds of collaborative arrangements for both industry and government – raising over $25 million in sponsorships and spearheading high profile partnership initiatives for Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Public Safety Canada, Province of Ontario and National Capital Commission. Bernie is Executive Producer of MARCOM, an annual marketing symposium dedicated to the specialized needs of the public and non-profit sectors. He is a regular contributor to publications and speaks at conferences aimed at government and non-profit audiences.

Judith Madill, PhD
Judith Madill is the Paul Desmarais Professor at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. She was previously Professor and Coordinator of the Marketing Area at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. She has taught in Europe and other parts of the world. She has authored over 40 papers and reports, including From Public Education to Social Marketing: The Evolution of the Heritage Canada Anti-Racism Social Marketing Program. Judith is a frequent speaker on marketing and consults in the areas of public sector/social/relationship marketing and partnerships.

Mike Kujawski
Mike is a passionate marketing & social media strategist, who works solely with public sector and non-profit organizations. He now leads all of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing digital marketing projects. Mike’s most recent tasks include the development of strategic digital marketing and social media engagement plans for the Public Safety Canada, National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority and the Foreign Credential Recognition Program at HRSDC. He also worked on the development of comprehensive marketing and communications plans for the Department of National Defence, the Public Service Commission and the City of Burlington. Mike is a distinguished speaker, engaging blogger, and highly praised workshop facilitator in his field. He created Canada’s first national workshop and comprehensive workbook on how to develop a social media marketing strategy in a public sector setting. Mike also created the Government 2.0 Best Practices Wiki, which has garnered international attention as the first collaborative central archive of government social media initiatives in Canada and abroad.


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