How to Write a Creative and Marketing Research Brief for Social Marketing

Published by Jim Mintz. Managing Partner Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

The creative brief is one of the most important elements in implementing a social marketing campaign. A creative brief is like a road map. A good brief leads to imaginative and persuasive communications. A bad brief starts you off in the wrong direction. If you are thinking that you don’t have time to write a brief… remember that working from verbal input, without a written brief, is how public sector and nonprofit organizations waste time and money.

Finding the best way to express anything creatively starts better when all players are involved and agreed on the strategic direction of the social marketing campaign. The creative brief is a working document; it is by and large a process most good organizations will use to ensure that their creative contractor and they are agreed on the direction the creative work should take.

There are number of ways to look at The Creative Brief, but largely it is a conversation between you and your creative agency or internal creative department that ensures the right flow of aspirations and intentions, and the desired end result is achieved.

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Marketing Research and Creative Brief

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