Is Your Family Prepared

Published in Kotler, Philip, Ned Roberto and Nancy Lee. Social Marketing: Improving the Quality of Life

Public Safety Canada (2006–2007)

James H. Mintz, Managing Partner
Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing
Theresa Woolridge, Communications Advisor,
Marketing and Outreach, Public Safety Canada
Background and Situation Analysis

Canadians view public safety and security as a priority and expect their governments to reduce the impact of emergencies. Events such as Hurricane Juan (2003) in Nova Scotia, floods in Alberta and Newfoundland (2005), and winter storms in British Columbia (2006–2007) demonstrate that hazards can occur with little notice and lasting consequences. It is too soon to tally the total financial impact of these events, but the Saguenay floods (1996), the Red River flood (1997), and the Quebec/Ontario Ice Storms (1998) have so far amounted to an estimated $7.8 billion in costs to governments, private, and voluntary sectors—to say nothing of the human hardship and suffering.

Public Safety Canada is the focal point of the government of Canada’s efforts to foster safer,
more secure communities. In an effort to improve Canada’s overall readiness to prepare for and respond to an emergency, Public Safety launched “Is Your Family Prepared” in November 2006, a national social marketing initiative with three purposes and an estimated cost of $3.5 million for the first year:

  • Raise awareness of the threat/risk environment (“all hazards” approach).
  • Increase the number of Canadians who have a family emergency plan.
  • Increase the number of Canadians who have a 72-hour emergency kit

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Is Your Family Prepared

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