Low Cost Promotional Tactics For Social Marketing Program

Published by Jim Mintz. Managing Partner Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

There is a misconception in the social marketing world that you need a lot of money to develop a comprehensive social marketing program. There are two reasons for this misconception. First, organizations particularly governments, believe they have to spend a significant amount of money on paid media (advertising) to run a successful social marketing campaign. Second, those organizations that don’t have a lot of money feel if they don’t have significant funds it is hopeless to become engaged in social marketing and tend to run ineffective “public education” initiatives which tend to focus on awareness but not much else. Certainly not behaviour change!

The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing proposes four (4) social marketing tactics which are low cost but can have significant impact on changing attitudes and behaviours. The following four strategic tactics will involve a time commitment to develop but will produce long term effective results. Low cost marketing ideas are only limited by your imagination. Start brain storming creative ways using these four promotional tactics to launch your social marketing campaign.

The 4 low cost social marketing tactics are:

  • Strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Face to face marketing
  • Pro active public relations
  • Web and digital /social media marketing

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Low Cost Tactics

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