Are you a born marketer?

I recently read a blog by BRANDMENTALIST on 6 Signs You’re A Born Marketer which I found very interesting. I always felt as a marketing practitioner and educator that people can always learn marketing but that it takes a certain type of person with certain character traits and skills to become a great marketer



Now if you’re a marketer you may recognize some of these signs in yourself. According to the blog here are the signs that you are a BORN MARKETER

1. You’re always curious about people.

You have the natural curiosity to try to understand people’s thoughts and behaviours — why they are the way they are, why they do what they do, and what the motivations are behind their actions.

You enjoy people watching and reading about their thoughts and the psychology behind things — life stories, success stories, life-changing moments — anything that is about attitudes and motivation intrigues you.

You like to find out what makes people tick and how you can influence them. This is especially true for social marketers

As a result of this, you understand people — or at least you‘re trying to. You are open-minded and believe that everyone is different and is driven by different things.

2. You have a good eye for design.

You know how important design is to the success of a brand. You can’t stand ugly-looking websites and flyers, nor can you ever purchase a brand with a bad sense of style. Your eyes light up when you see beautiful typography. Ever since your childhood, you’ve always loved going to a cool stationery store. Your work desk is probably full of different colour pens, markers, and post-it notes.

Sometimes you feel like you waste your money on things that you don’t really need in your life as you simply buy them because they look good! But then again, possessing bad-looking products or products with bad design is an insult to who you are. You believe that what you wear and hold represents you — it doesn’t need to be expensive or luxurious — it just needs to be unique and look good — at least to your eyes.

3. You love business. But mostly how you can sell in a strategic & artful way.

You love business. (Even if you are a public sector or non-profit marketer). It’s no doubt you enjoy reading about other entrepreneurs and businessmen/women. The first section you go to when browsing a business website is the ‘Marketing’ section.

You think about people — potential customers and clients or the target market — before anything else — not just how you can squeeze the most dollars out of them but how you can make them fall in love with your brand and evangelise it, and how your brand can become a part of their lifestyle.

Unlike most people, you watch advertisements on YouTube and find them entertaining as you analyze them — how the copies touch hearts, move people, and influence actions. You search for the award-winning ads and you pass them on to friends and family – posting them on your Facebook wall as if other people are going to enjoy watching them too. Also when watching TV instead of skipping the ads with your remote control you actually watch the ads.

When you think about your competitor, instead of worrying about how they maximize their operational efficiency, you’re stressed about their marketing strategy and how you can be in front of their customers’ eyes and steal customers from them.

You don’t simply just try to sell. You do your research first (a lot of research) into the customers’ mind, attitudes, behaviours, lifestyles, desires, fears, needs and wants. Marketers are very research oriented and do not assume things they do their homework and get the facts.

You think about what you have that your competitors don’t have — what differentiates you, what is it that you offer that is uniquely valuable to your customers that your competitors don’t —  and communicate that in a creative and persuasive way. Personally, I have always felt that if you do not have a strong unique selling proposition for your service, product or program you will not be successful.

4. You can spot trends before everyone else.

As a kid, you were always the one who had the coolest toy before everybody else. You unintentionally set the trend for the people around you. But that’s because what you liked always turned out to be a market hit months later.

You have an innate ability to detect what product is going to become a market hit before it reaches the masses. And when you see a product you love in its very early stage, you think about how the product can be marketed better. You even consider marketing it and becoming a distributor in your country (but nah, that’s too much work. You’d better stick to what you do best which is ‘marketing’!). When you buy an album, you can predict what songs are going to be the second and third popular on the charts.

When you see a new technology — whether it be new software, a new app, a new website, or a new media — you can instantly see how the new technology is going to affect people’s lives — how people’s behaviours and attitudes are going to change, what the new consumer trends are going to be, and how the path to purchase and the consumer journey are going to change.

5. You are a natural influencer.

You enjoy being the connector and the influencer and you probably don’t even realize the affect you have on your friends. Your friends rely on you for information and advice on where to go and what to do. The clothes you wore two weeks ago seem to have caught the eyes of a few who are now wearing something similar if not the same.

It is mostly unintentional but it seems that you have an influence on the people around you. Maybe it is because you have a good eye for design and you can spot the trend. Maybe you just know how to pull it off and make anything you have look fun and cool. Or maybe… you are just very passionate about what you love, what you have, and what you do that people around you become intrigued when you pass on the reviews or tell them stories with such excitement— whether it be the new cafe you’ve discovered, the bar you went to over the weekend, the new album you just bought, or the book you read and how it has moved you.

You might never realize this because setting the trend is second nature to you — you don’t even realize you’re doing it!

6. You have the ability to connect the dots between different things.

You are a holistic thinker with an analytical mind. You can’t look at things in a linear way, but rather, in an interconnected way.

As a kid, you liked games that promoted holistic and strategic thinking (even though you didn’t realize what that was at the time). You probably loved Monopoly and Lego to bits. You’re also good with numbers. In fact, Math was one of your favourite subjects besides art, social studies, and psychology.

Bringing this innate ability into your career, it’s no doubt you are able to see that an effective marketing communication strategy needs to be integrated across different channels that support one another with a single-minded proposition or a cohesive message at the core.

From my experience the best marketers are people who can think strategically. This was one of the most important skills I looked for when I hired people. What I found was of 20 people I interviewed maybe 1 or 2 can think strategically. Marketing is about strategy but most people think it is about tactics.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that marketers are born and more important do you agree with the 6 skills mentioned in this blog. Let me know what you think.

Marketing Workshops Spring 2017

Marketing 101 (for Marketers and Non-Marketers)

March 29, 2017

343 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON,

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of public sector and non-profit marketing. The workshop will teach participants how to develop a marketing  strategy and plan as well as how to transform a government/nonprofit organizations from using the traditional communications approach to an integrated, strategic marketing approach.

The workshop will focus on:

  • An overview of marketing;
  • Systematic processes and strategic elements for developing and implementing an action-oriented strategic marketing plan;
  • How to set realistic, practical marketing objectives and goals;
  • How to evaluate marketing efforts with practical ideas on how to improve execution;
  • How to develop a client-based mindset in a public sector or non-profit organization;
  • How to use market research to support a decision-making framework;
  • How to develop a system for measuring progress and monitoring performance.



Intro to Social Marketing Planning for Attitude and Behaviour Change

March 9, 2017


343 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON,

Awareness.  Are you getting tired of hearing that word? If you want to move your marketing and communications efforts beyond merely public education and awareness campaigns and into the realm of action-oriented attitude and behaviour change then this workshop is for you


The workshop will focus on:

  • How to use a step-by-step structured approach to prepare a social marketing plan that is actionable, has maximum impact, and leads to successful implementation;
  • How to present and “sell” your social marketing strategy to management;
  • How to implement a social marketing program on a very tight budget;
  • How to monitor and evaluate your inputs/outputs, outcomes and impacts;
  • How social marketing gives you a single approach: for mobilizing communities; influencing the media; activating key stakeholders; and building strategic alliances with business.







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