Easy Affordable Marketing Training for Public Sector & Non-Profit Organizations


3-Step Marketing Consultation and Training


CEPSM offers both public sector and non-profit organizations an easy and affordable way to acquire expertise from marketing strategists to help develop a successful marketing strategy/plan. The entire process can be completed in a very short time.

How does the 3-Step Marketing Consultation and Training work?


 First, we familiarize ourselves with your organization’s overall goals & objectives, audience(s), marketing activities, marketing research and other information that helps us understand your organization.

Training for Strategy Development

 Once the initial orientation has been completed we will guide and facilitate your team through a structured training and strategy development 2 – day workshop using our exclusive Workbooks to develop an actionable integrated marketing strategy/plan.


 At the end of the facilitated workshop, CEPSM will work with your team on fine-tuning the strategy/plan with details such as specific timelines & costs as part of developing the final strategy/ plan. In addition, we are available to discuss any questions that arise in the development of the marketing strategy/plan.

Coaching (optional)

CEPSM offers an optional coaching service which includes but not limited to: additional training – coaching sessions to the management of a marketing program and function. This includes ad-hoc advice (oral or written) to support your organization in implementing the strategy plus trouble-shooting to ensure the success of the marketing strategy/plan.


 Where would the planning session be held?

 The planning session is usually held at a mutually convenient time at your place of business; however, if you do not have access to facilities, alternative arrangements can be made.

Who should attend?

 Team members who will be involved in the development and implementation of the marketing strategy/plan should participate in the session.

How long is the strategy session?

 Normally the session ranges from 1.5 to 2 days depending on the complexity of the project.

Why should you use a consultant to assist you in preparing a marketing plan?

 You will receive assistance with the complex planning work

 The problem facing most public sector and non-profit managers in developing a marketing strategy/plan is that there is a lot of information that needs to be analyzed. We will help you select the pertinent information required for the strategy/plan.

Your strategy will be ready by the set deadline

 Many times, managers are under pressure to have the plan “done yesterday”. Hiring outside experts will keep your efforts focused on completing the plan by a specified date.

Your strategy will be developed using a proven planning process

 Often members of the team developing the strategy/plan have different ideas about what should be done and focus on tactics before the research and analysis has been completed. Our facilitated workshop takes you through a proven planning process to ensure you come out with a cross-functional, integrated marketing strategy/plan.

Why hire the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM)?

 We are affordable

 We have a great deal of experience developing many plans on numerous issues and topics, the learning curve on our part is minimal, which means that you don’t need to pay for “ramp-up” expenses. At the end of this process, you will have a marketing strategy/plan from which you can start implementation.

Our process is a proven winner

 The process we use to develop the strategic marketing plan has been used to launch many successful campaigns and we continually refine our approach to achieve more efficient results.

Experts in public sector and non-profit marketing and communications

We have a proven affinity and strong reputation in the public and non-profit sectors. We have many years of experience in this field and fully understand both the benefits and limitations of implementing strategic marketing and communications strategies in these sectors.


Customized In-House Training

We also offer customized private tailored workshops (1 or 2-day) which is well-suited for organizations with groups working on joint initiatives, issues and/or programs. This option allows for the provision of a customized training approach uniquely adapted to your organization’s needs. We can deliver the training at your location however, if you do not have access to facilities, alternative arrangements can be made.

Advantages of Customized In-House Training

  • Involves your whole team in the training process
  • Get information that is tailored to your specific environment
  • Save money through a cost-effective group training program
  • Schedule training at a time that’s convenient to you and your team
  • Reduce travel time and costs
  • Learn together and improve your dynamics as a team
  • Location of your choosing across Canada or Internationally.
  • Allows the training to be a lot more focused on skills that are relevant to your organization.
  • Training can be prepared to address your organization’s issues therefore working on current work which relates to your situation.
  • A combination of workshops topics can be selected to meet the needs of your organization

We also offer public workshops. For more information go to: https://bit.ly/2OkqWwB

For more information, contact: Jim Mintz, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant CEPSM   jimmintz@cepsm.ca  or phone: 613 298 4549

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