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The need for integrated marketing communications in public sector marketing

Here are excerpts from an article I recently wrote for a federal government newsletter called “Within Reach” on the need for Integrated marketing Communications.

The article is entitled “Integrated Marketing Communications: A Holistic Approach to Government Communications”

Over the past few years I have noticed both as a consultant working with government clients and as a professor teaching students who attend our Professional Certificate Programs at Carleton’s Sprott School of Business, that there is an inclination on the part of public […]


Fishing where the Fish are… Beer Marketers using social media on Campus

Well you knew it had to happen sooner or later , the beer industry which has spent years trying to reach young Canadians and convince them to drink using traditional media is now using social media giant Facebook to market their products.. Molson’s has launched an interactive campaign for its Molson Canadian Cold Shots product, inviting post-secondary students to submit photos demonstrating their school spirit and party prowess to the Molson Canadian Nation group on Facebook. The social media site […]


Alberta is becoming a hotbed for public sector marketing


Looks like Alberta with its oil wealth is now funding public sector campaigns. One is for healthy living and the other for a tourism campaign to visit Fort McMurray of all places.

Here is an interesting approach to a healthy living campaign .


Alberta Gov’t begins a movement

Click to play ad (3.2 MB)

The Alberta government has launched a $2 million public education campaign that uses black humour to encourage young Albertans to live a healthier, more active […]


15 Unfortunately Placed Ads

If you think placement of your ads is not important have a look at these 15 ads.

15 Unfortunately Placed Ads