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Happy Canada Day from the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing

There was a report in the world news that someone in Pakistan had placed an ad in a newspaper with an offer of a reward to anyone who killed a Canadian-any Canadian. Who in God’s name would want to kill a peace-loving people like Canadians kind of boggles my mind but I guess there are a lot of unbalanced people out there.

Any way according to this item I read (which unfortunately does not have a source) an Australian dentist wrote [...]


Strategic Sponsorship Marketing For Municipal Governments

In my blog THE CASE FOR MUNICIPAL MARKETING , I discussed the importance of marketing for Municipal governments. In these very difficult financial times, municipalities are looking for ways to generate revenue without raising taxes . Sponsorships at the municipal level has become an option for some  but if not done right it can be a real fiasco . So if you are thinking about developing a sponsorship program for your municipal government I suggest you put October [...]


Branding in Politics Fact or Fiction

Political branding is always something that intrigued me as in some ways it is one of the purest forms of marketing.  Those in politics are wise to understand the principles of positioning, brand development, and consumer brand marketing. In fact, getting a politician elected might be the ultimate marketing/branding challenge. In my blog Political Parties should have Marketers run their Campaigns, I discussed the importance of marketing strategy in politics

However one thing [...]


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat.”

Marketing is divided into two parts: (1) marketing strategy and (2) marketing tactics. But most people think it is about tactics.

In my experience when I hear someone tell me that they don’t have enough funds to do a great marketing job , I tell them it is not more money that you need but more strategy. But strategy takes time and skill and marketers are looking for quick fixes. That’s why social media has become the new God the new [...]