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Role of Advertising in Government

I spent many years directing major government advertising campaigns for the federal government. I am a very strong believer in government using advertising campaigns to promote programs, motivating audiences to improve their health and other important issues. During my career in government, I can honestly say that the motivation for the campaigns my team were involved with focused on important topics and issues particularly social marketing campaigns in the health area whose main objectives were to change attitudes and behaviours.

I […]


Federal Government Advertising Losing Credibility

Last year I wrote a blog “Has federal government communications and marketing become too politicized?”  In the blog I pointed out that the application of strategic communications has shifted focus from substance to image, from information to promotion, and from policy to communications. While it is legitimate for governments to communicate with citizens and it is not unusual for them to want to persuade those citizens, the question becomes when and where to draw the line.

Now an independent public […]


Why Political Parties should have Marketers run their Campaigns Part 4: The Ontario election

In 2011 I wrote a blog Political Parties should have Marketers run their Campaigns. Subsequently, I wrote two more blogs on this topic Why Political Parties should have Marketers run their Campaigns Part 2: The US election and Why Political Parties should have Marketers run their Campaigns Part 3: The British Colombia election.

First let me say, that I have no partisan interest in any political party but am writing this blog as a marketing professional and someone […]


Does Inaccurate Political Polling Have Implications for Marketers and Communicators?

Many public sector marketers and communicators are very reliant on POR (public opinion research). Many marketing and communication decisions are based on this type of research. But what happens when POR become unreliable? What alternatives do marketers and communicators have to POR? Have we become too addicted to POR?

Now we recently witnessed polling inaccuracies in elections in BC. Alberta, and most recently in Ontario, also we have seen some significant inaccurate polls in the USA.

IAN McGUGAN points out in […]