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Calling all Public Sector Marketers… If you are not using social media marketing strategies you are seriously out of date


A recent article in ADAge should open the eyes of those of you have not moved into the social media area

Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson has seen the future, and it’s in “earned,” not paid, media, which has big implications for marketers, agencies and, of course, the media itself.

“There are still a lot of marketers out there buying their media when they could earn it, and earn it a lot less expensively. “

While overall spending on marketing […]


Common Sense Communications Revisited


As promised I will keep providing my blogging audience with advice and information on my new concept which I termed Common Sense Communications.

So here are a few snippets

Do the American automobile manufacturers have any PR people working for them. Who in their right mind would come to government to ask for a handout in a corporate jet. Have they ever heard of the term “optics”.

Does the Pope have any Communications experts. Imagine a Pope allowing a member of their church… […]


Calling all public sector marketers and communicators: Get knowledgeable about web 2.0 or you will become a dinosaur

Just read a terrific report called

Change your world or the world will change youThe future of collaborative government and Web 2.0

by Deloiite

The authors suggest that “in today’s tech-savvy world demands tech-savvy government. Increasingly connected citizensand stakeholders are asking governments to deliver services more rapidly and efficiently. Yet the public service bureaucracies that form the governmental backbone often take a conservativeapproach to adopting the latest Internet-based technologies to accelerate service delivery.”

They point out that “by relying on older, […]


Guide to COMMON SENSE COMMUNICATIONS for Government Communicators (Part 2)


I am back after a few very busy weeks and I thought I would continue with my series on Common Sense Communications.

As I mentioned last blog, for many years I have counselled colleagues and clients in the Public Sector to adopt a marketing approach to their communications. The response I usually receive is, we are not doing marketing but communications. Or government is not in the marketing business, that’s the domain of the private sector , we are in […]