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Are Health Communicators getting a “Bad Rap” on H1N1

Sometimes I wonder if public sector health marketers are being made to look like a bunch of incompetents ( “keystone cops “). H1N1 communications, at least in Canada, has been an unmitigated disaster and the big question mark is why is this happening? Many of the public health communicators I have had the opportunity to work with over 25 years are the best communicators you will ever meet. They are extremely professional, very experienced and are excellent communicators. Add to […]


The Public Sector … Differences between Americans and Canadians

As a Canadian who is in the public sector marketing business , I have paid close attention to what is happening in the USA recently. I am quite concerned by the perception of many Americans about their government and its capability of delivering programs and services to the American public.

As Andrew Cohen points out in yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen

“The political atmosphere in Washington has become unhinged. Just look at the hysteria unleashed by the president’s health care reform. […]


Web 2.0 revolution is turning public sector marketing landscape upside down

We now live in an era where the communications and marketing landscape has been completely turned upside down in both the public, non profit and private sectors. Organizations  do not have  full control of their messages/brands. The whole Web 2.0 revolution has resulted in the democratization of the web. More important it has changed marketing and communication in ways that in my  wildest imagination I never dreamed could happen .

Its impact is enormous and will have major impact on how […]


Branding: Is it Appropriate for the Public and Nonprofit Sectors?

Edwin Coyer asks in his article Branding in Public: Waste of Money“ Does branding deliver real information or is it a needless expense?

I reviewed the opinions of a few experts in the field to get a better handle on this issue. Hope you find the following informative.

As markets become more competitive, and clients become more demanding, organizations must work harder to secure their fundamental relationships. Building distinctive relationships with their clients and stakeholders is what branding is about, whatever […]