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Branding: Is it Appropriate for the Public and Nonprofit Sectors?

Edwin Coyer asks in his article Branding in Public: Waste of Money“ Does branding deliver real information or is it a needless expense?

I reviewed the opinions of a few experts in the field to get a better handle on this issue. Hope you find the following informative.

As markets become more competitive, and clients become more demanding, organizations must work harder to secure their fundamental relationships. Building distinctive relationships with their clients and stakeholders is what branding is about, whatever […]


Calling all non profits and public sector marketers… check out Twitter

If you not heard about Twitter , YOU HAVE PROBABLY HIDING IN A CAVE OR WORK FOR A GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION DOES NOT ALLOW THEIR EMPLOYEES ACCESS TO SOCIAL MEDIA. So let me help you with some information.  Twitter is one of the fast growing online platforms that is being used for marketing and communications.  It can be used as a marketing tool, but you must do it right by following the Twitter etiquette in order to be effective.

Like much of […]


Recommended Books for Public Sector/Government and Social Marketers


At the Centre we are constantly asked which books to use to improve your knowledge in public sector and social marketing .

There are a lot of good books out there but the two books we at the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing recommend most are authored by Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee.

Marketing in the Public Sector: A Roadmap for Improved Performance


Marketing in the Public Sector is a groundbreaking book written for those who work […]


Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing launches Guide to Branding in the Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors

A number of years ago  the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing  had the opportunity to work on a number of  branding projects for the public and non profit sectors and  realized that there are very few resources for practitioners on how to develop a branding program for these two sectors. We developed a 29 page Guide to Branding in the Public and Not-For-Profit Sectors. At this point we have not included any case studies as we hope to […]