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Alberta is becoming a hotbed for public sector marketing


Looks like Alberta with its oil wealth is now funding public sector campaigns. One is for healthy living and the other for a tourism campaign to visit Fort McMurray of all places.

Here is an interesting approach to a healthy living campaign .


Alberta Gov’t begins a movement

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The Alberta government has launched a $2 million public education campaign that uses black humour to encourage young Albertans to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

The multimedia “Create [...]


Governments speak from both sides of their Mouth

One of the things that always has always bothered me is that the same government who is out there beating the drums trying to get you to come to their casinos or buy lottery tickets, go to their race tracks etc. are the same guys who tell you to gamble responsibly.


Slow off the mark rebate program gives public service a bad reputation

Rebates for fuel-efficient vehicles not yet paid ( News Staff).

Despite promising rebates for fuel-efficient cars and trucks, the federal government is yet to pay buyers of 2006 and 2007 models that qualify. The ecoAuto fee bate program, launched in March by the Conservatives, offers rebates of up to $2,000. It also places a maximum levy of $4,000 on gas-guzzling vehicles.

The delay in getting the rebates out is angering customers, associations representing major automakers in Canada say in a letter [...]


Non-Profit Branding

Great article on branding the non profit . Let me know what you think.