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Top Federal Bureaucrat Embraces Web 2.0 Technology

Well the penny has finally dropped in the federal government…yesireee. The top bureaucrat in the federal government,  privy council clerk Wayne Wouters states that federal government departments have to embrace the web 2.0 tools and technology that the rest of the real world uses . The introduction according to Wouters would allow more collaboration among workers , levels of government and Canadians. Here is the link to the report.

He goes on say in his report to the Prime Minister, […]


Strategies before Tactics

If you check out our website you will note that our expertise is developing marketing strategies for public sector and non-profit marketers. Now when we started our organization many people told us we were crazy to set up an organization that only focuses on strategies as most public sector and non-profit organizations are looking for tacticians who do market research, advertising and other forms of communications including on-line products.

Well we are in business for close to 5 years and […]


Atlantic Canada Marketing AND Communications Professional Development Program

Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 22-31, 2010

The Centre for Excellence in Communications (CEC) and The Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Ottawa, in association with Catapult Media, Halifax, are offering a series of professional development workshops for the Atlantic Canada public and not-for-profit sectors in the context of the

Atlantic Canada Marketing and Communications Professional Development Program, Halifax, Nova Scotia, March 22-31, 2010.


The Atlantic Canada Marketing and Communications Professional Development Program is an opportunity for […]


Beware of Sponsorships with Celebrities if you work in the Public or Non-profit Sector

The most recent fiasco with Tiger Woods reminds me of some of my experiences with celebrity endorsers when I ran the marketing and corporate communications operation at Health Canada.

First a bit about Tiger. As Ken Gray points out in his recent piece in the Ottawa Citizen.

“Tiger Woods is probably the greatest athlete of our time. He even bridges ethnicity i.e. a black man with Asian roots who dominates the white middle-aged realm of the fairway. He is the Martin […]