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For the fourth year we are running, in conjunction with our partner the Sprott School of Business, “The Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing and for the second year “The Executive Certificate in Public Sector Marketing Leadership”

Both programs cover the fundamentals of public sector and non-profit marketing and are designed to be intensive and rigorous, respecting that your time away from the office needs to produce concrete results.

The Professional Certificate provides intensive training for 1 or 2 days, each month, over the course of five months, requiring a commitment of 10 days of classroom training plus additional time to complete the strategic marketing plan.

The Executive Certificate is offered as a residential program, in picturesque surroundings. This intensive residency program spans six days. It has been specifically designed for public sector and non-profit managers and officers who are looking for a professional development experience in the field of strategic marketing.

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The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing in conjunction with the Colterman Marketing Group (CMG) Canada will be launching our full work shop series for 2008 . Check out our website in the next few weeks where we will be posting dates and locations

Revenue Generation Boot Camp

This one-day workshop examines the latest trends and best practices in core non-profit and association revenues streams including Sponsorships, Affiliate Programs, Print and Web Advertising, Business Member Recruitment, Conferences and Events and demonstrates how an integrated strategy towards packaging and promoting these opportunities can lead to increased and sustainable revenue streams.

Designing & Selling Your Sponsorship Program

This two-day workshop is ideal for professionals who are responsible for driving revenue and want to take an organized approach to sponsorships as a major revenue generator. It provides an end-to-end learning solution of designing and selling your sponsorship program. The course workbook allows you to design your own strategy to take away an Action Plan that is ready to implement.

Develop a Social Marketing Plan in “ONE DAY”

This one-day workshop takes you through a proven planning process to develop a customized, structured social marketing plan for your public sector or nonprofit organization. It will show you how you can develop a comprehensive social marketing plan on your own, resulting in an ability to implement your initiative immediately.

Develop a Social Media Marketing Plan in “ONE DAY”

The focus of this workshop is to respond to the unique needs of public sector and non-profit marketers who want to acquire value added skills to improve their expertise in social media marketing and effective use of “Web 2.0” tools and applications (rss feeds, blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc…). This workshop will help you develop a customized, structured approach for opening up the channels of communication with your target audience and significantly improve your online levels of engagement and visibility.

These workshops will run in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Finally, check out our Social Marketing Consultation for under $5000. This unique CEPSM solution is specifically structured as an intensive strategy session that will provide you with a social marketing plan for your organization; all for under $5000! It allows you to get everything on the table in order to learn, discuss, analyze and formulate a social marketing strategy using the CEPSM social marketing workbook. To start, we will ask you to send us background information to help us prepare for a 1.5 – 2 day strategy workshop, which we will conduct with your team. Strategy notes are then to be recorded by your team and incorporated into an overall planning document. We will then review your plan and provide you with specific feedback and recommendations.

Public Sector Marketing Society

The purpose of this Facebook Group is to help advance the marketing discipline in the public sector by building a global community of marketers and communication professionals that work in the government, non-profit organizations and/or professional associations. You can use this community however you like. Join the conversation today!


Slow off the mark rebate program gives public service a bad reputation

Rebates for fuel-efficient vehicles not yet paid ( News Staff).

Despite promising rebates for fuel-efficient cars and trucks, the federal government is yet to pay buyers of 2006 and 2007 models that qualify. The ecoAuto fee bate program, launched in March by the Conservatives, offers rebates of up to $2,000. It also places a maximum levy of $4,000 on gas-guzzling vehicles.

The delay in getting the rebates out is angering customers, associations representing major automakers in Canada say in a letter to Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Environment Minister John Baird.

“Our members report they are already receiving numerous letters of complaint and frustration over the fact that no process to apply for the rebate has been established,” David Adams, president of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada and Mark Nantais, president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association, said in a letter to the federal ministers. Transport Canada spokesperson Robin Browne confirmed Monday to The Globe and Mail that no money has yet been paid out to buyers that qualify for the incentives. “The government will finalize the program in the coming months (kind of vague) and aims to issue cheques in the fall,” he said.

In contrast, Honda Canada began offering rebates on its Fit subcompact car and manual transmission Civic compact in May and is paying the money, said the company’s Senior Vice-President Jim Miller. The program is retroactive to budget day, March 19.

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Molson celebrates moderation

The newest iteration of Molson Canada’s responsible use campaign is a departure from the traditional “Don’t drink and drive” message. A series of posters featuring the tag line “Here’s to responsible choices” has rolled out across the country and is the first phase in the new campaign. “The research showed that ‘Don’t drink and drive’ wasn’t resonating as well as something more positive might,” says Ferg Devins, vice-president government and public affairs for Molson. “The majority of people drink responsibly. We felt it was time to highlight and celebrate those that are making responsible choices.”

The creative, developed by Atlantic Canada’s Bristol Group, focuses on what people have to look forward to the day after the party. One execution shows a father playing with his young child with the copy “Here’s to all the folks who open the curtains on Saturday morning instead of closing them.”

The campaign, which Devins says is worth $1 million, also includes a spot highlighting the brewer’s partnership with 1888TAXIGUY, a nationwide network of taxi companies. In Quebec, there is also creative that centres on the Molson Angels, women who give out taxi vouchers in bars and at Molson-sponsored events.

Print and radio ads will launch later this summer, followed by a university and college back-to-school campaign, scheduled for more than 160 campuses across the country.

Kathleen Martin (Marketing Magazine)


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