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Announcements from the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing!

First we just redesigned our site. Check it out here!
For the fourth year we are running, in conjunction with our partner the Sprott School of Business, “The Professional Certificate in Public Sector and Non-Profit Marketing and for the second year “The Executive Certificate in Public Sector Marketing Leadership”

Both programs cover the fundamentals of public sector and non-profit marketing and are designed to be intensive and rigorous, respecting that your time away from […]


Slow off the mark rebate program gives public service a bad reputation

Rebates for fuel-efficient vehicles not yet paid ( News Staff).

Despite promising rebates for fuel-efficient cars and trucks, the federal government is yet to pay buyers of 2006 and 2007 models that qualify. The ecoAuto fee bate program, launched in March by the Conservatives, offers rebates of up to $2,000. It also places a maximum levy of $4,000 on gas-guzzling vehicles.

The delay in getting the rebates out is angering customers, associations representing major automakers in Canada say in a letter […]


Molson celebrates moderation

The newest iteration of Molson Canada’s responsible use campaign is a departure from the traditional “Don’t drink and drive” message. A series of posters featuring the tag line “Here’s to responsible choices” has rolled out across the country and is the first phase in the new campaign. “The research showed that ‘Don’t drink and drive’ wasn’t resonating as well as something more positive might,” says Ferg Devins, vice-president government and public affairs for Molson. “The majority of people drink responsibly. […]