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Message Content in Canadian Automotive Advertising: A Role for Regulation?

Lisa Watson and Anne M. Levack, University of Regina, Saskatchewan

Christina Rudin-Brown and Peter Burns, Transport Canada, Ottawa

James H. Mintz, Center of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, Ottawa

The message content of automotive advertising was examined to determine whether automotive advertising is meeting the needs of it’s stakeholders, and whether there is a need for it to become more highly regularted. A content analysis of 200 Canadian television and print advertisements revealed that 18 percent of ads demonstrate unsafe or aggresive driving, […]


Sicko is a social marketing juggernaut

Having spent over 25 years in the public health field , I thought I had seen everything, heard all the horror stories etc, but Michael Moore’s new documentary Sicko was a real eye opener and has come to make me realize that we don’t have it so bad here in Canada at least when it comes to health.
From a communications perspective Moore’s documentary is a slice of genius that can make you cry and laugh at the same time. He […]