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Reflections on the Olympics 2016

The games of the XXXI Olympiad are just over. The two-week event featured amazing athletic feats, spectacular shows of teamwork, touching personal narratives, and inspiring examples of hard work paying off.

Broadcast and Social Media Coverage

With a diverse slate of 11,000 athletes, wall-to-wall coverage, live commentary, and the often jarring peek into the minds of viewers around the world that social media offers, the Olympics are truly one of the great broadcasting events

During the two weeks of the Olympics I […]


Review of Marketing Predictions for The Coming Year and Beyond

The coming year will see many innovations and changes in marketing. I have recently surfed the web and checked into Marketing Prof and here are some of the key marketing predictions for the coming year and beyond.


When you hear the word “design,” what comes to mind? Graphic design? Websites? Print? Uber?! Uber is a logistics company that has tapped into the design world to make your life easier and make you feel special. You don’t need cash, you […]


Message Content in Canadian Automotive Advertising: A Role for Regulation?

Lisa Watson and Anne M. Levack, University of Regina, Saskatchewan

Christina Rudin-Brown and Peter Burns, Transport Canada, Ottawa

James H. Mintz, Center of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, Ottawa

The message content of automotive advertising was examined to determine whether automotive advertising is meeting the needs of it’s stakeholders, and whether there is a need for it to become more highly regularted. A content analysis of 200 Canadian television and print advertisements revealed that 18 percent of ads demonstrate unsafe or aggresive driving, […]


Sicko is a social marketing juggernaut

Having spent over 25 years in the public health field , I thought I had seen everything, heard all the horror stories etc, but Michael Moore’s new documentary Sicko was a real eye opener and has come to make me realize that we don’t have it so bad here in Canada at least when it comes to health.
From a communications perspective Moore’s documentary is a slice of genius that can make you cry and laugh at the same time. He […]