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Keeping Pace in the World of Online Marketing and Social Media

There is no question we have moved into a new era of marketing. Online marketing  is here to stay but is constantly changing. There is no question that online is coming of age and is advancing at a rapid rate. Online marketing provides value and generates results for many organizations, and public sector and non-profit marketers that have focused more on traditional marketing techniques should not dismiss it.

So what is happening? I have read a number of articles recently and […]


Who owns Social Media? Marketing? Communications? Other

In the past, it was quite easy for organizations to segment different types of outreach or communication into departments. Marketing and Communications in some organizations operated separately from one another; human resources, and technical support all normally operate in their own distinct branches. While overlap does occur from time to time, especially between communications and marketing, for the most part, actions and activities adhered to a set organizational structure.

But how do you classify social media? There is no question that […]


“It’s about marketing; no it’s about the social”

This is my presentation from the World Social Marketing Conference in Toronto on April 22, 2013.


The Big Debate – “It’s about marketing; no it’s about the social”

Speaking for “marketing” –
Nancy Lee, Social Marketing Services Inc., USA
Jim Mintz, The Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), Canada

Speaking for “the social” –
Dr. Craig Lefebvre, Chief Maven, socialShifting
Dr. Christine Domegan, B. Comm, MBS, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the National University of Ireland, Galway

When […]


MARCOM celebrates 15th year of being “Go To” Conference for Public & Nonprofit Marketers & Communicators

I am delighted to be participating at MARCOM Professional Development Annual Forum 2013 – the premiere educational forum that understands the daily reality of marketing and communications. It’s all happening at the Ottawa Convention Centre on May 28 & 29, 2013.

MARCOM looks at the trends and topics that matter most to public sector and not-for-profit marketers and communicators. It’s a chance for marketers and communicators to mingle with like-minded people and pick up practical tools and tips.

This year’s theme is Mission Possible: […]