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Why Charitable Foundations need to be Extra Careful with Partnerships

In 2012, I wrote a blog on breast cancer and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The pink ribbon carries a lot of associations—women’s health, breast cancer, all types of runs, pink clothing on football players etc.

But in a prominent fight between breast cancer charity, the Susan G. Komen Foundation and women’s health organization Planned Parenthood, the ribbon was suddenly associated with controversy in an area which makes no sense except in the fanatical right-to-life world in the USA where the […]


CEPSM launches new In-House Training Program

In response to the growing demand for the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM) to bring its marketing training In-House to departments and organizations across Canada, CEPSM has prepared value-driven, cost-saving options from seminars to certificate programs. You choose the size of audience, pick a topic and agenda or have us customize one for you.  There are a range of useful topics that are tailored for either the public sector or not-for-profit sector.


Training for Public Sector

CEPSM’s […]


Olympics Fun to Watch but a Terrible Investment

At the Olympics in China, every color was represented… and that was just the drinking water. Evan Sayet

I recently read that the Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism in Canada thinks that there are “great upcoming opportunities, including the Pan Am Games” to draw in tourist dollars to Canada. Well yes, I do understand that politicians who are not known for their business acumen think the Olympics and similar sporting events are going to fill up the cash […]


How NOT to do Private Public Partnerships in Public Health Social Marketing… Healthy Eating in the UK

A few years ago I read about a partnership in Great Britain that made me wonder if the new British government had sold out to the private sector and hurt the credibility of private/public partnerships.

Food marketers in the U.K. were being asked to step up efforts to educate the public about healthy eating, after the new British government cut its $120 million Change4Life anti-obesity marketing campaign. In return the government promised not to impose new restrictions on food marketing.

The Conservative […]